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Name:Riley Madison // The Swan Princess // OUAT OC
Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
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In Storybrooke

*Riley is the resident veterinary nurse / front desk person / amateur bird expert at the animal shelter.
*She sometimes (all the time) speaks before she thinks. She's got a chronic case of foot in mouth disease.
*She pretends to be much tougher than she really is. She'd rather you think she was rude before she'd let you see her cry.
*Secretly loves chick flicks, and wants that kind of romance for her own.

The Past

*As the only daughter of the King & Queen in her land, Annabelle was betrothed as a child to a boy from a neighboring kingdom. As children, they did not like each other much.
*They meet again as adults on the eve of their wedding, and find the beginning of feelings for each other.
*As it turns out, all is not as it seems, and she finds, moments before the wedding, that her happy ending is not to be.
*She is forever cursed to turn into a swan during the day, and herself by night, until she finds someone capable of seeing through the facade.

[This is an RP journal, meant only for fun, and not for profit. The writers and creators of 'Once Upon A Time' own the concept. The character is all mine, although her backstory is loosely based off of the film The Swan Princess, which I loved as a child. The lovely and talented Gemma Arterton owns herself.

We do not assume familiarity with any Once Upon A Time character, unless you so choose there to be.

Both mun and muse are over the age of 21.]
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